Individuals and Families

P-Care Revolutionary Healthcare For Individual and Families

Individuals and Families


We believe healthcare should be affordable and accessible for individuals and families. Our innovative healthcare service, Perpetual Health Direct Primary Care (or P-Care for short) is old fashioned, relationship-based primary care with all the bells and whistles of modern medicine.

P-Care is a membership-based approach to healthcare (called Direct Primary Care), which excludes insurance. This no-nonsense approach cuts out “red tape” and third-party involvement in patients’ and providers’ healthcare decisions.

Your P-Care healthcare provider is more than just someone to call if you get sick or cut your finger. A strong relationship with your P-Care healthcare provider will help keep you well.

P-Care for individuals and families

P-Care’s exceptional benefits include:

  • Affordable, flat-rate fee
  • Unlimited access
  • Unrushed appointment
  • Same or next-day appointments can usually be arranged
  • Wide menu of wellness tools to help optimize your health

P-Care is health care, not healthcare insurance. Perpetual Health Management does not have any financial interest in any insurance company, and it does not benefit monetarily (or otherwise) from insurance products purchased by consumers.

Who can get P-Care?

P-Care is for and Employees, Individuals and Families. P-Care doesn’t refuse service to anyone of any age or health status.

What does P-Care cost?

We are committed to making excellent primary care affordable. Patients pay an annual subscription fee for comprehensive primary care services.
P-Care subscription fees have been compared to what one usually pays for a gym membership or a cup of premium coffee daily. Family rates are available.

Can health care really be simple and affordable?

Yes, by eliminating insurance, excellent healthcare can be accessible and affordable. Thousands of patients across the nation are currently enrolled in direct primary care.
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Perpetual Health Direct Primary Care is an innovative professional health care strategy managed by Perpetual Health Management in partnership with select primary health care providers. Please see for more information.