Rx for Your Company’s Economic Success:
Productive, Healthy Workers

We know you work hard to grow your business and remain competitive. We also know your biggest resource—your employees—must be healthy and productive for your company to succeed in the marketplace. Until now the cost of balancing those objectives has been economically challenging, particularly the high cost of paying health insurance premiums or healthcare expenses if you are self-insured.

If your company is subject to the ACA mandate and must provide employee healthcare benefits OR if you are a small business that chooses to provide healthcare benefits to attract and retain good employees, consider an ACA-compliant direct primary care option such as Perpetual Health Direct Primary Care, or P-Care for short. P-Care is a patient-focused medical practice model that emphasizes excellent primary care services, chronic disease management, disease prevention and more.

Employers with P-CareP-Care features transparent pricing. For a flat rate, all your employees’ primary care needs (which typically constitute up to 70% of healthcare needs) can be handled through a P-Care provider. P-Care emphasizes quality, value, easy access and an old-fashioned doctor-patient relationship, which are uncommon qualities in today’s lean medical services environment.

P-Care is ACA-compliant when paired with wraparound insurance that covers catastrophic care and meets requirements specified by health care law. Costs for catastrophic care coverage vary; however, selecting a higher deductible (HD) plan is typically far less expensive than choosing traditional insurance with a lower deductible plan. This combination — a DPC plan such as P-Care plus HD wraparound coverage — is making headlines nationwide as an attractive, affordable option to control ever-increasing healthcare costs while improving patient experience and outcomes.

As a bonus service, we can potentially reduce your worker’s compensation costs by treating some worker injuries within our P-Care system, which reduces the overall costs of claims filed. Over time, lower claim costs could reduce your workers’ comp premium costs.

*P-Care is health care, not healthcare insurance.

P-Care for Employers

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The high cost of employee benefits and worker absenteeism (due to illness) and presenteeism (attending work while sick) can be significantly reduced. Talk to a PHM account executive to learn how your company’s economic health—and worker wellness and satisfaction—can improve with P-Care.

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Perpetual Health Direct Primary Care is an innovative professional health care strategy
managed by Perpetual Health Management in partnership with select primary health care