about p-care

Perpetual Health Management

Perpetual Health Management is a physician-managed direct primary care (DPC) management firm. PHM assists existing and new primary care practices in implementing our innovative DPC strategy, Perpetual Health Direct Primary Care (P-Care for short), a patient-focused DPC practice model.

Perpetual Health Management was created with the goal of providing a efficient, straightforward strategy for healthcare providers to practice medicine outside of traditional insurance-based payment systems, which takes time and valuable resources away from patients. With P-Care , individual medical practices retain their identity, autonomy, ownership and culture. The formula assures P-Care patients access to high-quality, affordable primary health care.

In 2014, Perpetual Health Management actively participated with the Louisiana State Medical Society in promoting legislation that recognizes direct primary care and clearly distinguishes it from an insurance product. The Louisiana Governor signed the bill into law in 2014.

Meet Our Management Team

Jarrett S. Flood, M.D. CEO of Perpetual Health Management

Jarrett S. Flood, M.D.
Chairman and CEO

Dr. Jarrett Flood has used his training as a medical doctor and critical thinker to develop an innovative, patient-focused direct primary care management service that enables physicians to do what they do best—perform excellent patient care—while enjoying the benefits of an efficient retainer-based practice.

Dr. Flood is a personal, hands-on executive whose efforts on behalf of clients exhibit diligence, demonstrated ability, superior work ethics and exemplary personal and business values. He emphasizes three key business principles: hiring and training the right personnel, offering a well-conceived business service and continuously improving the business process.

Dr. Flood and his wife, a primary care physician, have two children; they reside in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.

Von Boyett President and CFO of Perpetual Health Management

Von Boyett
President and CFO

Von Boyett is co-founder with over 35 years global experience which will continue to contribute significantly to our rapid growth and to our commercial and financial success. Mr. Boyett has over 15 years experience in medical equipment services, and he is the CEO and owner of his own company which provides diversified capital marketing services.
Mr. Boyett and his family reside in north-central Louisiana. His wife and other family members are medical professionals.

Kayla Nelson COO of Perpetual Health Management

Kayla Nelson
Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Mrs. Nelson brings over 30 years’ business experience to Perpetual Health Management’s administrative staff. Her experience includes eight years in accounting services and management, and she has been a public school educator on the secondary level. Mrs. Nelson is a Louisiana Tech University and Northwestern State University graduate with a M.S. degree; she has several related business professional certifications.

Kathryn Terrell
Vice President

Ms. Terrell is a university graduate whose educational emphasis was human resource management and business. She has held professional positions from HR director to member of a corporate HR team to independent HR and business consultant. She has written and published several articles related to personnel risk management. Her background allows for her to have meaningful conversations with employers concerning the economic and practical challenges they face in providing healthcare benefits to employees. Ms. Terrell’s knowledge of those issues and her general business acumen can effectively guide physicians’ office personnel in their administrative adjustments as they transition to P-Care .