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Physicians with Direct Primary Care

If you are considering implementing direct primary care (DPC) into your FFS practice or transitioning entirely to the DPC model, consider the Perpetual Health Management solution for seamless execution without compromising your practice identity or autonomy.

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Employers with Direct Primary Care

Are you burdened by ever-increasing costs of employee healthcare benefits? Are you self-insured or are a small- to medium-sized business seeking an affordable, high-quality benefit option? An often-overlooked ACA-compliant alternative is available, which features patient-focused primary care services that are affordable and value-based.

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Individuals and Families

Individuals and Families with

We believe healthcare should be affordable and accessible. Our innovative healthcare service, Perpetual Health Direct Primary Care (or P-Care for short) is old fashioned, relationship-based primary care with all the bells and whistles of modern medicine.

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Patient Portal

Direct Primary Care Patient Portal

In our “Become a Member” section you will be able to access updated P-Care news and information. You will also have the opportunity to learn about new products and features. Existing patients may access our secure payment system to pay subscription fees.

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